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Our Pricing relates to all sellable products within the store.

The Authorised Fragrance & Cosmetic Outlet operates as the clearance OUTLET partner for Beauty Trade. We bring together the broadest range of end of season fragrance & cosmetic brands, quality guaranteed, assuring authenticity and price competitiveness.

The Authorised Fragrance & Cosmetic Outlet makes use of the National Recommended Retail Pricing as the Market Price Benchmark.

All Prices begin at less 25% off the National Recommended Retail Pricing.

Further discounts apply on selected product reaching up to -40% below the recommended retail pricing.

Discount levels are at the discretion of the retailer management company.

Discount Level Stickers are placed on product indicating the discount level.

Discount Level: 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%.

All Price Marking on product is net of the discount and is the final Outlet Price.

The National Recommended Retail Pricing is generally adopted guideline to price positioning, defined by the brand principal and recommended through the various supply chain networks onto the Markets Retailers. Retailers Pricing is at the discretion of the Retailer.  Variable pricing occurs across retailers.

Our Pricing Policy is managed from Head Office directly. No further discounts can be offered or activated at store level on a transactional basis. Pricing is non-negotiable at store level. Bulk purchases do not entitle further discounting.

All prices are subject to South African Value Added Tax of 15%.

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